Kitchen countertop: 5 bright, white marble-effect porcelain stoneware designs


White marble-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the top trends in recent years.

Originally used for walls and floors, it is becoming popular for kitchen counters, enabling you to create stunning, bright designs.

What options are available and how can you use marble-effect porcelain stoneware for kitchen counters? Let’s explore 5 different options.

Kitchen counter in marble-effect stoneware: 5 tips

Choosing a kitchen countertop isn’t always straightforward.

Typically you need to take into consideration the counter’s durability and appearance, alongside practicality and hygiene. Ceramic surfaces comply with these essential properties in all respects.

In terms of  colors, porcelain stoneware also offers an extensive range of finishes and patterns. For example our marble-effect is currently available in numerous designs, each more eye-catching than the next, and in “even more true to life shades”.

Below, are 5 suggestions for white marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen counters:

1. White marble-effect in cool tones.
Calacatta Light porcelain stoneware kitchen countertop

Are you looking for a sophisticated surface in soft, on trend shades?

Then a Calacatta Light marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen counter is the perfect choice.

Delicate light grey veining perfectly complements the white background, creating a unified supremely elegant look for kitchens, tables, and worktops.

Available in polished finish, Calacatta Light is the ideal surface for kitchen projects that effortlessly combine cool and warm tones. Seamlessly blending with light or dark wood, it also accentuates and reflects matte gold or brass finish faucets.

2. White marble-effect in warm tones.
Calacatta Macchia Vecchia porcelain stoneware kitchen counters

A traditional-modern reinterpretation of fine Italian marble, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia is a stunning ceramic surface that puts the emphasis on marble-effect stoneware kitchen counters in warm, welcoming tones.

Harmoniously pleasing, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia adds perfect aesthetic style and outstanding technical performance to any room. Like other SapienStone surfaces, it is non-absorbent and highly resistant to cuts, abrasion, and staining.

Available in 2 finishes:

  • Soft and silky
  • Eye-catching gloss (polished)

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia combines superbly with pastel colors (emerald, mid-blue, etc.) metallic details, and wood-effect surfaces (such as Rovere Baio).

3. Pure white marble-effect.
Premium White marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen countertop

For a unique design that expertly combines modern and traditional, Premium White is the marble-effect stoneware kitchen counter for you.

On this ceramic surface, the stunning marble features a pure white background barely brushed by narrow grey veining.

Available in natural or polished finish, Premium White gives the countertop a soft, silky appearance. Perfect for pairing with neutral colors (beige, cream, etc.) silver details, and wood furnishings in light tones.

4. Brilliant white marble-effect.
Bianco Lasa porcelain stoneware kitchen counter

Versatile and essentially iridescent, Bianco Lasa is an on-trend marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen counter, perfect for a sophisticated urban look.

The surface strikes a balance between deluxe and minimalist, due to the distinctive gold veining which gives it character. 

In natural and polished finishes, Bianco Lasa has a timeless look, unaffected by water, dirt, heat, and much more.

Another feature of this ceramic surface is its ability to mix and match with any color, making it highly recommended for pairing with eclectic furnishings in traditional or retro style projects.

5. Classic white marble-effect.
Calacatta porcelain stoneware countertops

Let’s revisit the Calacatta range, with the original design in this line.

Calacatta is a marble-effect porcelain stoneware countertop that re-imagines the origins of this sensational ceramic surface.

The warm white background with veining ranging from honey to ash tones makes Calacatta a bold surface, which offers numerous design options for kitchen areas. 

All the combinations are suitable for pairing with mahogany or brown details, or two-tone black and white. 

More amber than Calacatta Light, Calacatta is a surface that is always in line with current fashions and trends. The ceramic surface is also available in 2 distinctive finishes: natural and polished. 

Easy to clean, long-lasting, resistant to wear, and safe in contact with cooked and raw foods, a SapienStone white marble-effect porcelain stoneware countertop is the perfect elegant yet practical choice for covering counters, tables or kitchen islands.

Which of the 5 designs is most suitable for your project?

If you haven’t decided yet, speak with us about your ideas, and together we’ll find the most appropriate surface for your design. 

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