Kitchen Trends 2023 from SICAM Pordenone and SapienStone. Let’s take a look at the latest novelties.


The year is drawing to a close, and the time has come to look forward to the future and to what lies ahead for the kitchen design sector.

What will the 2023 kitchen trends be like and how can we tap into them?

In the fall of 2022 we had the opportunity to attend numerous international exhibitions dedicated to this theme.

During SICAM Pordenone, the International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry – at the SapienStone stand we had the chance to test the latest novelties in kitchen countertop materials while listening to visitors’ opinions, requests, and expectations for the coming year.

In fact, SICAM Pordenone is the ideal event to discover the latest kitchen trends and innovations that will soon take hold.

Since 2009, this exhibition has been a must-attend event for many players and customers in the industry, in particular with regard to technological and design advances.

Let's take a look at what emerged from our first-hand experience.

2023 kitchen trends: colors and materials with a focus on innovation

As in the world of fashion, the 2023 kitchen trends reflect the interior design influences set out by creative designers and style offices.

So it is no wonder that the focus is primarily on colors and materials, with a fine balance between innovation in terms of aesthetics and in terms of performance.

Therefore, at SICAM Pordenone, fascinating and refined textures with a versatile look took center stage. A prime example of this trend are the white marble-effect porcelain stoneware countertops and wall units, which are also gaining in popularity for kitchen design uses.

In this respect, the exponential use of ceramics for professional and domestic environments, rather than the usual bedrooms or bathrooms is still going strong: the fact that it is reliable, safe to use, hygienic and easy to clean is what makes this option incredibly popular, so much so that it is considered the best material for kitchen tops, table tops, and living areas.

Besides the enchanting marble look, the great classics of 2023 kitchen trends remain black and shades of grey, especially in the porcelain stoneware kitchen countertop and cabinetry versions (doors and various types of shelving).

Latest products and 2023 kitchen trends at the SapienStone stand at SICAM Pordenone

At SICAM Pordenone, SapienStone participated with a stand entirely dedicated to 2023 kitchen innovations and trends.
This space, with its sophisticated and cozy style, is vertically divided into three sections and packed with details to showcase the kitchen as a place where people can enjoy experiences, share, and interact with each other.

Upon entering the stand, an eye-catching piece is the elegant kitchen island with sink and large dining table, which both have a black and white, marble-effect porcelain stoneware top.

Just behind it is an innovative journey to explore matter and its potential in a cozy meet & greet corner.

Inspired by charming Parisian cafés, this space combines the informal and intimate ambience of small cafés in the capital city of France with the intriguing atmospheres of an art gallery that amazes visitors with its original canvases.

In fact, the walls of Seminato Nero in the reception area are complemented by sculptural paintings with distinctive features. Each of them features an interplay of volumes created with 4D Ceramics kitchen countertop materials, the latest addition by the SapienStone brand.

SapienStone – as an ambassador for 4D Ceramics, the technology created by Iris Ceramica Group – has translated this innovation into the best material for marble-effect kitchen tops with qualities that are unrivaled and unique on the market.

A true revolution in the world of ceramic countertops, now available in 6 stunning versions:

  1. Kuroca 4D
  2. Dark Marquina 4D
  3. Arabescato 4D
  4. Calacatta 4D
  5. Calacatta Statuario 4D
  6. Calacatta Macchia Vecchia 4D

Therefore, at SICAM Pordenone, SapienStone brought a specialized range of porcelain stoneware tops, anticipating 2023 kitchen trends, in keeping with the brand’s mission statement, which has always distinguished it since its inception.

4D Ceramics is a state-of-the-art technological surface that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics, design, emotion, and performance.

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