2022 trends for kitchens and living areas from Casa Decor Madrid and SapienStone


Casa Decor 2022 is now coming to an end and it’s time to look at trends for the current season.
For 30 years the event, which showcases interior design, has influenced trends that will be everywhere in the coming months. 

SapienStone is once again an official participant at the event. From this exclusive insider viewpoint we reveal the stand-out innovations emerging from the exhibition, focusing specifically on ideas for kitchens and living areas. 

Open-plan kitchen with marble-effect porcelain stoneware counters: a “must-have” for the heart of the home

At Casa Decor 2022, BC3 Cocinas Stand 43 and ELE Room 62 bring fresh vibrancy to the center of family life.

The focal point in this “heart of the home” installation is an open-plan kitchen with island, enhanced by a marble-effect porcelain stoneware countertop in Calacatta Macchia Vecchia. This is the starting point for a bright, welcoming room, where neutral ceramics and textures combined with sophisticated details create seamlessly elegant proportions.

Learn more about this room set. 

The project re-imagines the traditional, organic forms of interior design with an approach that elevates and emphasizes craftsmanship through:

  • The use of curves which are a key feature on all the furnishing profiles.
  • Top quality surfaces, from sustainable, innovative manufacturing processes.
  • Warm lighting combined with the toning hues of the various elements. 

⁣There are 2 main areas in “the heart of the home”: first and most important is the kitchen outlined above with a large central island around which everything revolves, the second is a living area with table and storage unit. The transition between these two areas is via sliding panel doors, with gold details and tinted glass which gives a touch of class to the ensemble

In the kitchen area, a central island with seating is flanked by a range of units with stovetop, appliances and sink. The countertop is in marble-effect porcelain stoneware throughout in SapienStone Calacatta Macchia Vecchia color

The living area and storage units in turn also feature furnishings such as a unit with integrated, “concealed” sink in the same shade of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia. 
In the center is a sofa and dining table, adding to the socializing and family ambiance. 

⁣In “the heart of the home”, entertaining, style, well-being and sustainability are the leitmotiv of a stunning yet at the same time practical space. 

A new lifestyle concept for a dressing room: porcelain stoneware in a new guise.

Stand 28 at Casa Decor 2022 features an ambitious, mid-century style project created by UECKO · Essential Furniture and interior designer Adriana Nicolau Calvo in collaboration with SapienStone. 

This new lifestyle concept for a dressing room features porcelain stoneware in a new guise. 

The installation, called “Tyropatina”, takes its name from the first  crème caramel in history. Undoubtedly original, the name is inspired by the caramel shade. The mainstay of the entire project, the concept aims to revisit the origins of interior design, through the informed choice of high quality, sustainable materials such as ceramics. 

Its sophistication and distinctive look are apparent at first glance.

We cannot fail to be impressed by all the decorative details and fittings, where avant-garde design goes hand in hand with a sensational look. The space is not only essentially visionary but above all welcoming and very well designed in terms of practicality. 

Here, SapienStone porcelain stoneware surfaces give the room furnishings a striking look. The tops of the dresser, low table and door frame feature unmistakable Dark Marquina in an innovative installation quite different from kitchen counters.

Dark Marquina is an intense ceramic with a sophisticated ambiance. The deep black background features delicate white veining, giving an elegant, minimalist marbled effect. 

In “Tyropatina” Dark Marquina acquires a brand-new identity, the perfect finish to enhance the ambiance with a boldly contrasting “chiaroscuro” effect. A choice that contributes to the sumptuous installation, making it even more enigmatic yet welcoming. 

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