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SapienStone kitchen tops at the Area30 trade fair

2023-09-05 17:38:04

Area30 trade fair

Stand G24
September 16 - 21, 2023
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Lübbecker Straße 29
Löhne (Germany)

Why will SapienStone be there?

Area30 has been offering participants insights into the latest trends and technologies in the kitchen industry since 2011. With its innovative and sustainable materials, SapienStone simply had to attend.

Issues such as technological innovation and care for the environment are becoming increasingly important in Europe, and SapienStone’s commitment to sustainably combining functionality and aesthetics perfectly reflects the spirit of the German trade fair.

Area30 will give participants the opportunity to take a look at the new SapienStone materials and high-tech finishes, which are globally unrivalled in the field of kitchen tops.

With their striking visual impact, SapienStone work surfaces are designed to complement innovative and elegant projects by adding to the aesthetic appeal of spaces while enhancing their technical performance, making them a perfect match for modern designer kitchens.

SapienStone work surfaces are fully recyclable and in keeping with the brand’s vision, which is to create products that make a positive impact on the planet. 

By choosing SapienStone, you will not only add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen design, but you will also be making an eco-friendly choice.

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AREA 30 is a meeting point for industry professionals and enthusiasts, which provides a platform to find out all about the latest trends and innovations that will shape the future of kitchens.

Our team of experts will be at Stand G24 to tell you all about the features and benefits of SapienStone kitchen tops. 

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