Porcelain stoneware kitchen tops: design, performance and sustainability


Today, kitchens are becoming more and more spaces to be lived in, used and shared. This is why a kitchen’s design must meet the requirements of a diverse and cosmopolitan range of customers seeking high-quality, sophisticated solutions. 
 Porcelain stoneware has unmatchable technical and aesthetic properties, which makes it an ideal solution for this kind of space, which is used daily and therefore needs to be extremely resistant and have a customized style.
Porcelain stoneware kitchen tops combine design with high-performance ceramics and are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.
Ceramics are made from natural clays and minerals. By implementing innovative production techniques, SapienStone porcelain stoneware offers superior performance to other materials that are normally used to make work surfaces.
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4D Ceramics technology by SapienStone: the porcelain stoneware revolution

With the  4D Ceramics technology offered by IRIS Ceramica Group, which SapienStone is part of, countertops are endowed with unparalleled aesthetic qualities.
Thanks to this technology, the boundary between the surface and its edge is blurred, resulting in a material that has the same pattern on the surface as throughout its thickness.
This ensures an attractive, solid and durable surface with a layered effect, which perfectly recreates the look of the original natural materials used as inspiration.
4D technology enhances the aesthetic potential of ceramics, opening up new possibilities for use in the furniture and interior design industries.
The hues, veins and patterns create a realistic effect that has never been achieved before by similar products available on the market. A surface with a sustainable soul that embodies the history of the elements that create life: water, fire and earth.
4D ceramics are available in 12 or 20 mm thicknesses and in a new large format (320x160cm), which makes them suitable for any kind of peninsula and island counters, backsplashes and much more, ensuring aesthetically stunning results.

The textured effects of SapienStone kitchen countertops

The colors, veining and finishes of SapienStone materials are their distinctive features, which give these materials a unique quality.
You can choose from a variety of textured effects, which include:

Marble effect

With a wide range of available colors, marble-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen tops reinterpret the finest marbles: from Calacatta to Statuario, including the new Kuroca and Grand Antique
The marble effect adds to the appeal of any space, perfectly complementing the other materials used in either residential or commercial settings.

Wood effect

To create a warm and welcoming environment, SapienStone offers wood-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen tops
Eclectic wall coverings in unique hues, ideal for both urban and rural spaces, which go well with marble.
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matching wood- and marble-effect modern kitchen

Stone effect

For elegant spaces with a bold character, SapienStone has designed stone-effect porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops. Several dark shades were created to achieve a sophisticated effect, along with lighter, more delicate hues.

Cement and resin effect

The texture of cement reveals its full depth in the cement-effect porcelain kitchen tops. The various dark shades of these surfaces add an elegant touch to even the most ambitious interior design projects.

Granite effect

With the granite-effect porcelain stoneware surfaces, SapienStone brings back the fascinating aesthetic appeal of terrazzo flooring. Tiny textured fragments are put together to create an everlasting, full-body material.

Metal effect

Inspired by dark metals, the metal-effect kitchen tops give any room a state-of-the-art, striking visual appeal.

Monochrome effect

The ultra white surfaces with monochrome-effect porcelain stoneware make spaces appear brighter while giving them an exclusive elegant touch.

The finishes available for SapienStone porcelain stoneware kitchen tops

The finishes of SapienStone porcelain stoneware kitchen tops are a feast for the senses. 
They heighten our perceptions and enable kitchens to be customized, with their own unique style and sophistication. 
SapienStone meets the many sensory needs of clients with six different finishes:

The Cashmere finish, the latest addition to the SapienStone product range, has a smooth and velvety texture, with a truly unique feel that accentuate the emotional impact of natural ceramics.

kitchen countertop Cashmere finish

Maintenance of porcelain stoneware tops: cleaning tips

Cleaning porcelain stoneware kitchen tops is easy and requires minimal effort.
For daily cleaning we recommend using a soft cloth and a neutral detergent, diluted in lukewarm water. 
In case of stubborn stains, detergents specifically formulated for ceramics can be used, but we do not recommend using abrasive products as these may damage the surface. 
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Would you like to give your kitchen a stylish new look by choosing a sustainable product with outstanding performance characteristics?
Feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your project.

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