White marble-effect kitchen tops: 4 combinations


In the field of interior design, only a few materials are able to match the timeless appeal and elegance of marble. Marble has long been widely used in highly prestigious interior design projects due to its innate beauty. With its charm, it can transform spaces by adding an exclusive touch.
However, the characteristic delicate and fragile nature of this natural stone makes it unsuitable for use in spaces such as kitchens where it is exposed to high levels of stress and wear. 
In fact, work surfaces are likely to be knocked, stained, come into contact with chemicals, and be subject to extreme temperatures, which is why they need to be made of an extremely durable material. 
Moreover, the use of a resource as valuable as marble is at odds with the commitment to only source sustainable materials.

Alternatively, porcelain stoneware is a high-performance, durable natural material that accurately reproduces the textures of the most popular marbles, with an extensive range of finishes and unrivalled technical features.

In this article we will be looking at several style tips and we will tell you more about SapienStone white marble-effect kitchen countertops with 4D Ceramics technology.

Style tips for white marble-effect ceramic kitchen countertops

In the field of interior design, natural ceramics with a white marble effect are suitable for various applications: from larger surfaces such as countertops and wall coverings to smaller details such as accessories, cabinet doors, and backsplashes.
Here are a few ideas for combinations.

1. Contrast with dark shades

By combining a white marble-effect kitchen top with counters and furnishings in dark hues, you can achieve a bold and sophisticated look. 
Dark walls or black furniture will create a striking visual contrast that accentuates the elegance of a kitchen top.

2. Minimalist combinations

To achieve a modern, clean look, it is best to opt for a minimalist design with simple lines and a white marble-effect kitchen top as the centerpiece. Smooth surfaces, minimal furnishings and basic accessories can be combined to create minimal chic spaces.

3. Gold or brass accents

The combination of a white marble-effect kitchen top with gold or brass accents is simply perfect to add a timeless glamourous touch. 
Handles, faucets or lamps in golden hues bring an elegant and luxurious touch to the entire kitchen.

4. Natural wood accents

Porcelain stoneware with a white marble effect can be perfectly combined with natural wood elements to create a warm and welcoming environment.We spoke about it here

White marble-effect textures for modern kitchen tops

White marble-effect ceramic surfaces are the epitome of timeless sophistication. Inspired by the beauty and splendor of natural marble, they are suitable for use in both modern and classic settings.
From very soft hues to prominent veining, SapienStone surfaces allow for plenty of freedom when it comes to their look and defining the style and furnishings of any kitchen. Here are the SapienStone materials with white marble effect: 

Aesthetics and realism with innovative 4D ceramics technology for large-format panels

SapienStone has recently introduced 4D Ceramics technology by Iris Ceramica Group, which combines state-of-the-art performance with outstanding design. 
As in nature, 4D ceramic surfaces are born through stratification and become granitic. 
As solid as rock, made up of natural minerals, all the history and the elements that create life are encompassed in a 12 and 20 mm thick panel. 
This effect adds depth and realism to decorative patterns, giving them a stunning emotional impact
4D Ceramics is a full-body material that ensures unprecedented continuity between the surface and its edge.
The new large format (160 x 320 cm) offers maximum aesthetic versatility with a practical function: this size is ideal for creating two standard (80 cm) countertops for kitchen islands and tables with a customized style and design. 

Our commitment to sustainability: an eco-friendly choice

The porcelain stoneware used to manufacture our white marble-effect kitchen tops comes from natural raw materials such as clay and minerals, and is recyclable and environmentally friendly. 
Water-resistant and non-porous, SapienStone ceramic surfaces are easy to clean and food-grade safe. 
Are you thinking of incorporating a white marble-effect kitchen countertop into your interior design project?
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