Pasta Primavera – recipe from Eat me Baby


Can you smell Spring coming from the kitchen? It’s a recipe Albane made for us from her blog, “Eat me Baby”: a triumph of colours and flavours celebrating the arrival of Spring!
“Spring is definitely my favourite season (…) Not only because of the flowering plants and trees in blossom, but because my favourite fruit and vegetables are in season!”

The recipe she offers us today is inspired by two ingredients that stand out on the Spring table: peas and asparagus. Albane has made some delicious orecchiette pasta with these two ingredients, enriched by the addition of fresh ricotta and eggs.

Albane chose to prepare her recipe on a SapienStone countertop in the Light Earth texture, one of the new colours proposed by the brand, with a solid but radiant look.

“I made my recipe on a SapienStone worktop, which also provides the background for my photos (…) It is a quality porcelain countertop with splendid finishes: I especially like the vast range of colours proposed by the brand!”
Now all you have to do is enjoy the recipe for this Spring pasta dish. The details may be found on the blog, “Eat me Baby”.

Buon appetito!

The editors

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