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A small city kitchen – Interview with Melissa Schmidt


Melissa turned to interior design studio Zwei Design to redesign her kitchen and make it the centre of her apartment. We interviewed her upon completion of the project to find out how she feels about it, and what her experience with SapienStone countertops has been like.


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SapienStone’s Pietra Grey countertop in a Snaidero kitchen in Dubai


The Snaidero brand chose the beauty and durability of SapienStone’s Pietra Grey surface for the kitchen countertop in a villa in Dubai’s Emirates Living Community.


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Kitchen renovation – SapienStone for Big Meatlove


Florian, a grill and BBQ fan, chose a SapienStone Malm Black countertop for his new outdoor kitchen: an elegant, modern, highly resistant finish that becomes the key feature of the new kitchen. .

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SapienStone Wow’s at KBIS 2020


It is safe to say that this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), held in The Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a huge success for all industry members including designers, manufacturers, architects, fabricators and more! We saw so many new, intriguing design techniques that sparked our creativity and affluent taste – we can’t wait to see the trends of 2020 emerge as this year unfolds!


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Interview with Clysa


Interior design studio Clysa renovated the kitchen of a private home in Barcelona, harmoniously unifying the interiors and maximising the practicality and convenience of the spaces. The kitchen centres around a SapienStone Light Earth kitchen countertop.


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