Pear and chocolate crumble - A recipe by Federica Barbaranelli

Pear and chocolate crumble - A recipe by Federica Barbaranelli

Federica Barbaranelli, Italian hotelier and restaurateur living in Spain, shares the recipe for her favourite dessert: pear and chocolate crumble with lemon curd made with lemons from her garden, perfect to prepare on her SapienStone Bright Onyx kitchen countertop.


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<strong>Rigatoni all’amatriciana – A recipe by Federica Barbaranelli</strong>

Rigatoni all’amatriciana – A recipe by Federica Barbaranelli

A recipe that reminds Spanish blogger Federica of her Roman origins, prepared in the new kitchen of her manor house, recently renovated with a SapienStone Bright Onyx countertop. 


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Greek focaccia – a recipe by Nonsolofood


Are you nostalgic for the holidays? Lidia from Nonsolofood takes us to Greece today, starting in the kitchen!

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Tofu and Avocado Salad – recipe by The Little Plantation


Even though Summer is nearly over we still want exotic flavours! Kimberly from “The little Plantation” blog will delight us today with a super salad!

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Filet of Cerdo Iberico de Bellota, alioli and berry sauce


Pork fillet tied with string, seared in the pan and accompanied by a (dark red) berry sauce and (pale yellow) alioli on a white plate.

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Fruit tart – recipe by Un déjeuner de soleil


Food blogger Edda helps us dive into a sea of flavour and colour with her delicious fresh fruit tart.

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Sicilian sliced tuna steak


A sliced tuna steak seared outside and raw inside, on stewed Tropea onion and pomegranate seeds, green and red drops of parsley and pomegranate coulis on a black plate.

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