Lidia Forlivesi - Nonsolofood

2018-12-04 I was born in Cesena, but I have lived in Milan, Rome and New York. I love to travel and go to different countries. Sophisticated yet simple is how Enrico described me once, before he became my partner. I love things that are simple but not banal, everything that has to do with love of goodness and wholesomeness, but is not nostalgic.
I am a morning person. I love breakfast: it has to be big, slow, and savoury. I love ice cream, even in winter, I need to go to New York and Copenhagen at least once a year, and my refrigerator is always packed, because I might need to be able to put together a last-minute dinner if someone rings my doorbell!
Food has always played a central role in my life. I made my first jam tarts in my “Dolce Forno” toy oven when I was only five, and it became my profession when I studied in the Master’s Programme in Food and Wine Communications and Reporting at Gambero Rosso. From Rome to New York, where I lived for six years, organising events and marketing initiatives for a prominent restaurant group.
I started writing Nonsolofood in 2012 because I wanted a space in which to talk about my passion for food, hospitality, photography and travel. And so I used the social networks to tell the story of my daily life and share my experiences and recipes in my blog.