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2018-06-18 Behind Delicious Martha is Marta Sanahuja, an advertising executive with a passion for cooking who decided she wanted to continue working in communications but with a gastronomic twist. And so, when her life changed, she decided to start a blog in which the emphasis is on food photography. Because the best way to convey a recipe, if you can�t actually smell it or taste it, is to attract attention visually. Marta says that food comes in through our eyes, and this is what she has attempted to convey right from the start.
Her twin passions for food and photography encouraged her to continue and built a totally different future for herself.

This is why Marta cooks, even though she is not a cook, and takes photographs, though she is not a photographer. She might have to come up with a new description for her profession, in which she has been lucky enough to succeed thanks to the boom in the use of social networks, which makes it possible to work this way.
This led her to publish her first recipe book in October 2016: Delicious Martha: ideas, recetas y estilismo en tu mesa (Delicious Martha: ideas, recipes and style on your table).

All her recipes are intended to be simple, so that anyone can make them at home, because Marta is not a professional cook, and never studied cooking. This is why her recipes don�t require in-depth knowledge or technique to obtain good results and make appetising dishes at home.

Now a testimonial for a number of food brands, Martha creates digital content for several companies and shares recipes and cooking advice on her blog ( and recipe tutorials on her YouTube channel. She has also created a new product line, available online at, including top quality organic, ecologically produced food products with which to prepare an infinite number of recipes. The shop also sells various kitchen utensils and ebooks for making Delicious Martha�s receipes.

Marta Sanahuja
IG @deliciousmartha
TW @DeliciousMartha


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