Buckwheat-stuffed aubergines – recipe by Delicious Martha

2018-06-05 Martha has always loved cooking, and decided to start a recipe blog in which the focus is on photographs of the dishes.

“Because when you’re explaining a recipe you can’t convey the aromas and flavours adequately, so the only way to attract attention is visually!”

Martha is the author of today’s recipe, from her beautiful blog entitled Delicious Martha.

“These buckwheat-stuffed aubergines will make you fall in love! They’re a delicious treat for a quick lunch with friends or dinner.”

Martha made the recipe on a SapienStone countertop with a Pietra Grey finish, one of the most refined and original finishes available.
The food blogger cut the aubergines right on the porcelain work surface, and fell in love with its beauty and quality.

“The splendid countertop featured in the photo is Pietra Grey by SapienStone, not only beautiful but perfect for cooking, as it cannot be stained or damaged. I’m absolutely in love with it!”

For the complete recipe, go to the Delicious Martha blog.

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