Fresh spinach pasta – a recipe by Sweet&Sour


Today’s recipe recalls the traditions of our mothers and grandmothers. It is an original version of fresh pasta, tagliatelle, with spinach!

Food blogger Virginia (Sweet&Sour) told us that she finds preparing homemade pasta one of the most relaxing and gratifying activities.

“Today I’m going to show you how to prepare fresh spinach pasta, in a version with and without egg, together with a tasty recipe to go with it!”

When making, rolling out and cutting the tagliatelle, Virginia used the SapienStone countertop, in the elegant Calacatta texture.

“When you make fresh coloured pasta, using vegetables that are very messy, like spinach (…), you should always use a surface that doesn’t get dirty easily. (…) I found the SapienStone countertop very easy to use because it’s not porous, you don’t damage it if you cut on it and it resists high temperatures.”

As well as making the entire recipe on the countertop, Virginiaalso placed boiling hot pans on it, without any negative effects.

“When I renovated my kitchen, one of my priorities was to have a top where I could work easily, without fear of damaging it;

And now it’s finally time to discover the recipe. Just go to the blog page Sweet&Sour and get to work!

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