Porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops: 4 advantages


Kitchen countertops have become increasingly prominent in the field of interior design, transcending their decorative purpose and becoming the centerpiece of modern kitchens

By incorporating this element into its surrounding environment, a convivial space can be created that is suited to a number of different experiences, in both residential and commercial settings.

Choosing the right material for a kitchen countertop is crucial, since essential aspects such as resistance, aesthetics, practicality and hygiene need to be considered. 

Out of the many different surfaces available on the market, porcelain stoneware is an innovative and versatile material that perfectly meets all these requirements.

In this respect, SapienStone porcelain stoneware surfaces offer outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities, as well as being made from a mixture of clays and feldspars.

In this article, we will take a look at the main advantages of porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops over other similar products, such as laminate, marble, granite, and quartz, for an unrivalled design experience in every context of use: from residential kitchens to commercial and outdoor kitchens and for all work surfaces in the home.

  1. Innovative Aesthetics

The aesthetic diversity of porcelain stoneware countertops is nothing less than unique. 

With its extensive range of colors and realistic veining, SapienStone porcelain stoneware perfectly and faithfully recreates the look and texture of natural materials such as marble, stone and wood, offering the desired look without the limitations and disadvantages associated with these materials.

SapienStone kitchen countertops are available in an extensive range of colors and finishes (such as the new Cashmere finish), from classic shades to bold and vibrant ones. This diversity of colors offers the option of matching the color scheme of the kitchen countertops to the various shades of the furnishings and spaces, ensuring visually harmonious results.

Thanks to 4D Ceramics technology by Iris Ceramica Group, SapienStone surfaces also make use of full-body technology, which is unique worldwide: the surfaces looks the same throughout its thickness, and thereby recreates natural veining, color nuances, geometric designs, or patterns, blurring the boundary between the surface and its edge.

The textured effect achieved imbues rooms with a sense of authenticity and sophistication, embellishing the design of residential and commercial spaces, and opening up new possibilities in the field of furnishings and interior design.

  1. High Levels of Performance

Among all the materials on offer for kitchen countertops, SapienStone porcelain stoneware is the material that best meets the demands of a modern lifestyle. 

The fact that it is resistant to thermal shock, nicks and stains, as well as being available in a wide range of textured finishes, certainly makes it the ultimate material for future kitchen countertops.

Besides its beauty, SapienStone ceramic surfaces offer outstanding performance as well as being extremely easy to clean and hygienic thanks to Active Surfaces® technology, which we would like you to discover.

  1. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

 Porcelain stoneware is regarded as a sustainable material for a number of reasons that have to do with its composition and production process:

  • Natural Raw Materials

Ceramics are mostly made from clays and feldspars, which are abundant natural resources. It is produced  using mineral materials, which reduces dependence on non-renewable resources.

  • Recyclable 

Porcelain stoneware is recyclable, so it can be recovered and reused in other production stages. This makes it possible to reduce the amount of waste and promote the circular economy of materials.

  • Durability

Porcelain stoneware surfaces are extremely durable, so there is little need for them to be replaced, which avoids unnecessary waste and encourages a more responsible management of resources.

Ceramic production has significantly evolved over the years. SapienStone has developed sustainable production processes and methods that enable it to reduce greenhouse gas and polluting emissions.

Additionally, the technologies used allow waste to be minimized while maximizing the use of raw materials, which means that the process has a lower overall environmental impact. 

  1. Versatility and custom design

Porcelain stoneware can be used for kitchen countertops, wall coverings, floors, work surfaces, and even furnishings to achieve a consistent and harmonious design in the entire home or commercial space.

Its ability to complement any kind of furnishing and its infinite application possibilities make porcelain stoneware one of the most innovative and promising materials for future interior design.

With the new 320x160 cm large format, SapienStone countertops easily adapt to any kind of furnishing, allowing for creative custom designs. The extra-large format perfectly adapts to any kind of furniture and furnishing, kitchen peninsula or kitchen island, bringing to life virtually any creative concept.

Moreover, the outstanding technical qualities of SapienStone surfaces are enhanced by Hypertouch technology: an exclusive innovation that incorporates home automation sensors into ceramic surfaces, offering an unprecedented experience.


The advantages offered by porcelain stoneware make this material truly unique in its properties; in fact, it the ideal solution for contemporary interior design and furnishing projects

With SapienStone, the innovativeness and versatility of porcelain stoneware are combined in such a way that spaces become sensory environments in which aesthetics, functionality and customization blend together to achieve perfect harmony. 

Are you looking for the ideal kitchen countertop for your interior design project? 

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