SapienStone countertops on Bake Off Italia on Real Time


Amateur bakers competing on Bake Off Italia can simply and safely knead dough and serve their creations directly on the countertops.

But how is that possible?

All of the bakers’ stations were clad with Premium White in the Active Surfaces® version, the marble-effect countertop with eco-active finish, which improves the hygienic properties of SapienStone ceramic surfaces.

With this solution, the bakers can safely chop up ingredients, garnish and fill their exquisite delicacies on the work surface with guaranteed hygiene.

In fact, thanks to the properties of Active Surfaces®, ceramics are now a self-cleaning, antibacterial and antiviral material. The contestants participating in Italy’s sweetest talent show can bake directly on the countertop, without using a chopping board or similar.

SapienStone ceramic surfaces are perfectly suited to meet the contestants’ needs. 

In fact, they are highly resistant to:

  • cutting
  • heat
  • stains
  • impact.

Moreover, thanks to the innovative Active Surfaces® technology, they now have antiviral and antibacterial properties: another technological breakthrough in SapienStone natural ceramics.

Safety and hygiene are essential when handling food, particularly during a baking competition such as Bake Off Italia. Premium White and all SapienStone materials with Active Surfaces® technology are food contact certified, allowing those who enjoy cooking to have complete freedom in the kitchen.

The bakers can work with peace of mind, chopping up ingredients, garnishing and filling their delicious cakes as best as possible. When it comes to food prep, SapienStone countertops ensure high safety and hygiene standards. And the bakers’ creations are ready to be tasted by the judges!

If you are looking for a material ensuring a high level of hygiene for cladding surfaces in a kitchen, living room or other environments in which hygiene is of the utmost importance, our surfaces with Active Surfaces® technology are the best choice for you.

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