Kitchens in 2024: furnishing trends


Kitchen design in 2024 is set to offer an extraordinary experience, balancing an understated style, comfort, and a color scheme inspired by nature.

In 2024, kitchens will be once again the focal point of the home, where space ergonomics meets simple lines, creating an ambience in which comfort and conviviality are key.

From innovative technologies to choosing materials and colors, in this article we will be looking at what we can expect from kitchen furnishing trends for 2024.

Sustainable materials take center stage

The fact that environmental awareness is on the rise has encouraged us to seek eco-friendly options for work surfaces.

The trend for 2024 will involve achieving the effect of natural materials without spoiling the environment.

The use of natural ceramics as a covering material for kitchens is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice that is becoming increasingly popular.
Ceramics production is less resource-intensive compared to that of other materials, such as marble or granite. In addition, the increased strength and durability of ceramics helps to ensure a long service life, which means that it does not need to be replaced frequently.
Against this background, choosing materials with a wood, marble or granite effect helps to sustainably create a cozy ambience.

For instance, a kitchen that opens onto the living room creates a warm ambience, especially when complemented by wood hues and countertops with marble-effect, stone-effect or resin-effect finishes.

The use of a single stone-effect material, even with several types of stones, also contributes to creating a harmonious ambience, ideal for sharing with others.

Neutral tones and warm shades of gray

The kitchen is the part of the home where food is prepared, but it is also a place where people share their everyday life and welcome friends.

In 2024, understated shades of gray are likely to be the preferred choice to create a nice warm ambience.

These shades add a cozy feel to spaces, which makes them perfect for sharing special moments with family and friends.

Besides gray, neutral colors such as white and natural tones are expected to be just as popular, setting the stage for creating simple yet sophisticated spaces. In addition, striking color contrasts are complemented by metallic details and matching accents, creating a sense of spaciousness and adding depth to interiors.

While trends lean towards neutral tones, it is also true that black kitchens never go out of style: in fact, this trend is set to be even more popular in 2024. This is because black is the best color to use if you want to make small spaces appear larger, and it also gives kitchens a more elegant and sophisticated look.

High-tech smart kitchens

In 2024, minimalism will once again play a key role as the driving force in interior design, and kitchens will certainly be no exception to this. Beautifully organized and harmonious spaces, with a strong focus on achieving a clean, modern look.

Concealing household appliances behind panels or doors is a common practice that is becoming more popular nowadays, as it ensures a neater, more consistent design.

Because of this, home automation in the kitchen is set to play an increasingly important role in 2024: a true revolution in the way we normally use this space, the beating heart of the home, which becomes a smarter and more efficient environment.

In this evolutionary journey towards smart minimalism, a key element is having sensors built into kitchen surfaces. That is why having sensors installed, for example by incorporating solutions into work surfaces and household appliances, ensures higher levels of automation and ease of use as well as increased safety and practicality.

The SapienStone offering for 2024

SapienStone, a brand of Iris Ceramica Group, has established itself as a leading name in the design of kitchen surfaces, with a groundbreaking offering for modern furnishings.

The company embraces a cosmopolitan lifestyle, in keeping with the most cutting-edge contemporary trends, offering a new interpretation of ceramics: smart and technologically advanced.

SapienStone porcelain stoneware surfaces are suitable for creating work surfaces and for installing wall coverings, always meeting high standards when it comes to style and design while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

In fact, ceramic surfaces are made from clay and natural colors. For this reason, they are fully recyclable and have a reduced environmental impact.

Colors, veining and finishes are the distinguishing features of SapienStone materials, allowing for virtually limitless freedom in terms of creativity and design. The available material effects include:

  1. marble effect
  2. wood effect
  3. stone effect
  4. cement and resin effect
  5. granite effect
  6. metal effect

Technological innovations for 2024

The innovative 4D Ceramics technology by SapienStone expands the aesthetic possibilities of its surfaces, delivering realistic effects unmatched by other similar products, and opening up new opportunities for application in the field of interior design.

For the first time ever in the ceramic industry, the pattern and graphic design on the surface is now visible also throughout its thickness. A revolution waiting to be unleashed.

Read more here.

SapienStone leads the way with cutting-edge technology when it comes to home automation, both in the kitchen and in the rest of the home.

With Hypertouch technology, which allows home automation sensors to be built into SapienStone ceramic surfaces, new standards are achieved when it comes to interpreting and designing interior spaces, in keeping with the needs of the people who inhabit them.

In addition, porcelain stoneware countertops not only enhance design, but also make everyday kitchen tasks easier, since they are suited to creating more sustainable environments.

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