Smoked herring and bacon roll on a carrot and yoghurt cream


Smoked herring and bacon roll on a carrot and yoghurt cream



  • Whole smoked herring 4 Slices of unsmoked bacon 8
  • Chopped shallot 20g
  • Yogurt 200g
  • Chopped chives 60g
  • Carrot cream 120 g




  • Non-stick pan
  • Casserole dish


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Roast herring and bacon roll tied with chives, on an orange carrot cream, decorated with yoghurt and chives.  

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  • Prepare the carrot cream by roughly chopping the carrots and cooking them in a little water. Then place in the blender and blend to a cream.
  • Prepare the smoked herring fillets by laying a slice of unsmoked bacon on each one. Season with fresh herbs.
  • Roll the fillets and tie with chives.
  • Place the roll in a vacuum pack with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Cook the roll in a steam oven for 15 min at 100°C.
  • Meanwhile, chop the chives and add them to natural Greek yoghurt with a pinch of salt, pepper and oil.
  • Serve by placing the carrot cream on the bottom of the plate, the roll on top and decorate with a few drops of yoghurt sauce.  


patata porcelain countertops

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