Salt Cod Kokotxas – recipe by Sweet&Sour


Today we present you with a traditional Basque dish, made especially for us by Virginia of the blog Sweet&Sour.

“The term Kokotxa refers to the part of the fish, in this case salt cod, that is under the jaw, the equivalent of the fish’s throat. This is a particularly prestigious part because of its tender, jelly-like consistency, and because there is only one for each fish.”

Virginia prepared the dish with a “pil pil” sauce, made with smooth extra virgin olive oil flavoured with garlic, simmered with the gelatinous liquid released by the kokotxas until it evaporates.

She tells us that the secret to a good “pil pil” is not to heat the olive oil too much, and to move the frying pan about often to allow the gelatine to blend with the oil and form a dense sauce.

“The SapienStone kitchen countertop is great for this, because I could take the frying pan off the fire and rest it directly on the worktop without hesitating!”

Virginia worked on a SapienStone countertop in the Brown Earth texture and fell in love with it!

The non-porous surface prevented the countertop from being stained by olive oil, while its aesthetic effect gives the kitchen a natural yet modern look.

So now all you need to do is learn to make cod kokotxas following the recipe on the blog Sweet&Sour!

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