Tomato jam – recipe by Jul’s Kitchen


For her second recipe, Giulia of Jul’s Kitchen amazes us with a sweet and spicy jam.
It has the deep colour of sun-ripened tomatoes, perfect with aged cheese, or even with a hamburger, made with Chianina beef cooked rare and served with melted cheese and caramelised onions.

“I made my spicy tomato jam right on a Brown Earth SapienStone worktop with a natural finish.”

After her first recipe (which you will find here), made on our Calacatta worktop, Giulia tried working on a darker finish, Brown Earth.
Its intense colour and textured consistency make it a true designer countertop, adding character and personality to the kitchen.

“I could put the pot of boiling water right on the countertop while peeling the tomatoes, and take the scalding pot of jam right off the stove and put it down on the counter without worrying about burning it, because the surface is stain-proof, scratch-proof and heat-proof. The acidity of the tomatoes was not a problem, either.”

So all you have to do is try this delicious recipe out for yourself! Go to the blog Jul’s Kitchen to find out how!

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