Kitchen Renovation - SapienStone for Stefanie Helen of The Pink Macaron


Stefanie Helen is a German lifestyle blogger, founder of The Pink Macaron. She recently renovated her new home in Munich, including the kitchen, for which she chose SapienStone porcelain.

As she reports in her blog, she was initially considering a marble or stone kitchen countertop, but when she discovered SapienStone countertops she was convinced by their beauty and great practicality: unlike other materials, porcelain makes life easier in the kitchen, as it is extremely resistant and easy to clean.

Stefanie chose Calacatta Light, a particularly elegant colour which goes perfectly with the white base units and wall-hung cabinets in this kitchen of linear design, emphasising the big island that divides the food preparation area from the living room. 

The result is a highly refined, brightly lit space in which the focus is on the kitchen. The island is designed to be used as a surface on which to work, sit with friends or enjoy a cup of coffee, sitting on a stool.

To find out more about the renovation project, read the post in which Stefanie describes it in her blog, The Pink Macaron.


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