The kitchen, the heart of the home and the modern family


Chaos, individuality and dematerialisation: often the characteristics of today’s society seem to push us towards a way of living which is far removed from the unity and sharing of yesteryear. As such, due to the highly fragmented situation of the outside world, the family seeks cohesion at home, with a desire to share and rediscover the pleasure of spending time together.
The kitchen has become the most important meeting point for this new trend: the place where food, the stuff of life, is shared and where conviviality can win out over TV and Internet addictions.

Why is the kitchen the focal point of today’s family?

The kitchen is a fluid environment
The kitchen is increasingly merging with the living area, both in order to optimise the use of space in small rooms and as an aesthetic choice to create rooms that communicate with each other. This combination is supported by the choice of smart materials, such as SapienStone porcelain countertops. The numerous textures that interpret the veins of marble, the essential charm of stones and cements and the liveliness of wood harmonise effortlessly with each other in these hybrid spaces, transforming the kitchen and island worktops into distinctive furnishings for the entire room. From this perspective, the kitchen island becomes a fully-fledged command centre for the entire family: whilst you cook, as you enjoy an apéritif, for a quick breakfast or during more leisurely meals, gathering around the island topped with a SapienStone countertop is a way to spend time together without a care in the world.

The kitchen is a creative place
Thanks to the choice of a functional design and easy-to-use, high-performance materials, the kitchen can also become a place for experimentation and creativity to share with the whole family. With SapienStone porcelain countertops, cooking and putting together moments worth sharing is a cinch: the highly-resistant material that the worktop is made from can stand up to heat, scratches, cuts and liquids. That way, the whole family can get stuck in! Just imagine how joyful the kids will be as they bake cookies, or how excited teenagers can be when they try their hand at wowing their friends and family with all manner of culinary experiments. The strength and easy cleaning of SapienStone countertops allows you to live life to its fullest in your kitchen, in complete safety.

The kitchen is designed around the people who live in the house
More than any other room, the kitchen is designed according to the specific characteristics and requirements of those who use it. The colours, finishes, measurements and design must be suitable for the needs of those who live in the house and in tune with the spaces around it. That is why being able to choose your kitchen countertop from a range of 23 different finishes and variants is crucial, as it allows you full control over every last detail. The large slabs can cover areas of up to 3m x 1.5m without any joints, ensuring an impeccable visual impact thanks to thickness options of just 12mm or 20mm. The strength and technical performance of porcelain also make it suitable for use as a side covering material for islands or structural elements of the kitchen, such as backsplashes, and even for open-air kitchens on terraces and loggias.

What are the characteristics of a kitchen at the heart of family life?

Beyond the aesthetic choices, the kitchen’s ability to become the heart of family life depends on if it is able to provide certain important advantages which make it a space that is easy to use, easy to live in and welcoming for all.

Practicality: the kitchen, and particularly the countertop, must be easy to clean, hygienic and easy to maintain. SapienStone countertops guarantee better practicality of use than any other material, transforming the kitchen into a room that can be fully lived in at any time without requiring particularly delicate treatment.

Safety: the kitchen must be designed for the whole family. To this end, the technology used must be both humancentric and human-proof. The SapienStone countertop with integrated TPB Tech hob, for example, allows you to cook, chop, knead and much more, all on the same surface, without fear of damaging it - but above all, without the risk of burns or other kitchen mishaps for the younger members of the family.

Harmony: being at the centre of family life means creating a welcoming, pleasant and harmonious environment that blends in well with the rest of the house and allows its guests to ‘breathe’, putting them at ease. Choosing a SapienStone countertop means opting for an inclusive and welcoming aesthetic for those who spend time in the room, without compromising on performance and technical excellence.

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