Kitchen Renovation – SapienStone for Lidia Forlivesi

2019-08-28 As Lidia Forlivesi, food blogger and author of Nonsolofood, told us, “the kitchen is the most important room of the house, it’s the room where I spend most of my time and that represents me the most!”

We met her on a hot July afternoon in her brand new house in Milan. Smiling and excited as always, she invited us to sit down in the room she considers her kingdom: the kitchen. This environment has recently been renovated to make it more functional for her job as a food blogger, by adding a beautiful island worktop for preparing dishes and creating a study where she can take photographs of her recipes.
We met Lidia 3 years ago, when we started a good and successful collaboration with her, which resulted in gourmet recipes and interesting content that you can find in her blog Nonsolofood and in SapienStone’s social channels.
And this is how Lidia literally fell in love with SapienStone’s kitchen countertops, especially Calacatta. When faced with the task of creating her new kitchen, she had no doubts: that was exactly the worktop she wanted!

“SapienStone is a great countertop to work on. It isn't delicate and has many qualities that make it the perfect ally in the kitchen. Very often, you want a perfect kitchen, which is really beautiful but, because you haven’t thought about the materials you’ve chosen or how you will use it, much of the time those kitchens are never used! This isn’t my case! In fact, the SapienStone countertops are beautiful, but also functional and practical for those who use the kitchen as much as I do!”

Lidia did not just choose Calacatta Statuario for the kitchen and the island worktop, but she also decided to focus on a more material texture, Grey Earth, for the two worktops in her study. As a food blogger, her study is also a set for her to share her recipes and food-themed pictures, with the grey, material texture of SapienStone’s serving as a perfect backdrop.

Lidia’s kitchen can be summed up in one word: simple. The furniture is minimalist and has clean lines, but this does not mean that it is a bare kitchen. Here you will find everything you need to make exquisite dishes! The simplicity of the doors and shelves in shades of grey perfectly matches the charm and elegance of the marble effect of the Calacatta Statuario texture.
If Lidia were to describe SapienStone’s kitchen countertops in just one word, she would have no doubt: practicality!

“SapienStone countertops are practical from various points of view: for cooking, because I can cut and chop any ingredient directly on the worktop, since there is no problem with acidic foods such as tomatoes and, from a hygiene point of view, for cleaning as well. In fact, I can use any cleaning product without worries, and it can be cleaned in no time!”

Lidia has recreated a kitchen environment that fully reflects her personality, where she can experiment with her recipes without worrying about dirtying or ruining the worktop and where she can let her creativity run wild.

“If I were to describe what a kitchen countertop is to me, I would definitely say it’s about sharing: sharing the moment, sharing the experience and sharing this environment with other people.
Watch the full interview at Lidia's house in the video.

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