Kitchen Renovation – SapienStone for Lena Terlutter

2019-07-24 “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision come to life,” is how Lena Terlutter sums up her feelings about her new kitchen.
We met the German blogger a few months ago, when she was looking for the right material for the kitchen of her dreams.
“I so wanted marble, – says Lena – but there were many disadvantages to consider.”

Marble is a very delicate material which will with time suffer the effects of wear, scratches, stains and direct heat, which tends to discolour its surface.
In her search for the perfect kitchen countertop – not just beautiful and elegant, but above all practical – Lena went to the M.O.V. show in Cologne, where she fell in love with SapienStone countertops. She decided to schedule a visit to the company’s showroom in Castellarano to choose her own countertop material.

We met her there in May (read the interview here), when she was confident about her choice and very curious to see the final result.
And here is her kitchen: an Arabescato island open onto the living room. It forms the central focus of the home, interacting harmoniously with the other spaces in the home and adding new light and elegance.

“Our original kitchen did not mirror the airy feeling we love about our home. – comments Lena – It was small, enclosed and disconnected from the rest of the house.”

What Lena had in mind for her kitchen renovation project was a big, bright, open space. To create it she had to knock down a few walls so as to literally blend the kitchen with the rest of the home. And the result is truly outstanding!
“Now you can see almost the entire house from the kitchen… Our kitchen is now a focal point rather than a forgotten space!”

The fulcrum around which the entire kitchen revolves is the central island, completely covered with SapienStone’s Arabescato. A high, spacious worktop incorporates an induction cooker and a sink, which can, if required, become an elegant counter on which to dine or work.

In the background is a wall with white cabinets that add even more light to the room, with, in the centre of the wall, an Arabescato niche ensuring visual continuity between the wall and the central island.
The light colour of the wooden flooring and the big windows on the side wall contribute to the sensation of a vast open space, making the kitchen a little masterpiece!

Read more about Lena Terlutter’s new kitchen on her blog!
Photo: courtesy of Lena Terlutter

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