LIVE AROUND THE TOP, SapienStone’s new campaign

2019-06-28 Living around the top is the focus of the new SapienStone advertising campaign for the year 2019.
After last year’s Kitchen Masterpieces, in which art, food and design came together over SapienStone Brown Earth and Urban Antracite countertops, this year the porcelain kitchen countertop brand focuses on the kitchen as a place for getting together, for living, for everyday life. A space SapienStone thinks must be beautiful to look at, and above all to live in.

The kitchen is the liveliest room in the home, a place where people get together to cook, dine, and share stories and emotions. In all this, the SapienStone countertop plays a central role, as the perfect ally for even the most demanding chefs thanks to its technical properties of resistance, hygiene and easy cleaning, and as an attraction for guests with its unmatched beauty.
The campaign is expressed through two visual styles featuring photographs of different types, designed for the online and offline press and for social networks.

The photos published in the press are taken from above, offering a complete view of the whole countertop. The frames feature a family, captured in motion to underline the dynamic, social nature of the kitchen. Photos taken from above illustrate a variety of different actions performed around the kitchen countertop, in the sink, on the hob and on the worktop.

These visuals are already appearing on the pages of the best-known design publications in Italy, Spain and Germany. 

For social channels, on the other hand, the focus is on people’s individual movements, underlining the acts performed in the kitchen and the practicality of the SapienStone countertop.
In this case, the scenes portray a number of different characters: a family laughing in the kitchen, a mother making dessert, a child playing and reading, a couple eating breakfast, an architect at work, a businesswoman going over her schedule in her datebook, a single man relaxing after a day at work.

These visuals will appear on SapienStone’s Facebook and Instagram channels over the course of the year.

The common thread running through the campaign is the slogan “LIVE AROUND THE TOP - Play Laugh Love”, exhorting people to make the kitchen countertop the centre not only of the home, but of life itself. For a kitchen with a SapienStone countertop is not only the heart of the home, but the best possible place for playing, laughing, and, above all, loving.


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