Colour trends in kitchen countertops: pale finishes for an elegant, essential effect.

2019-06-07 Light floods spaces and everything seems larger, more airy and pleasant. Pale colours for a kitchen are not just a style mood that have always been popular with designers and architects, but a way to live everyday life in domestic spaces to the full.
The endless possibilities to mix styles, materials and finishes allows you to create your own kitchen space with an open dialogue towards the outside world. The entrance of light and natural amplification of pale shades enhances both the functional and convivial aspects of the space. Cooking and living in a bright kitchen is reassuring and stimulates new creative energies.

How should you use pale colours in the kitchen? The latest trends in interior design are to use light shades, focussing on pale colours for the structure of kitchen countertop, for an all-round feeling of welcome and elegance.
The numerous pale finishes of SapienStone kitchen countertops help create a harmonious colour balance full of appeal, with effects of contrasting materials or similar tone on tone shades.

Pairing with dark colours and different materials (like natural wood, steel or glass) makes the elegance and minimalism of SapienStone kitchen countertops in pale shades stand out. Marble veining, a touch of white or warm pastel shades, combine in a kitchen design that is always original and distinctive and, as well as being easy to use, bring a unique style to the whole home.

There are lots of SapienStone kitchen countertops in pale shades and the possibilities to create, by combining surfaces, colours, materials and shapes, are endless.

Uni Ice

Uniform, essential, absolute. The purity of white creates an immersive, enveloping optical effect and exalts the light. Simplicity combines with flexibility and, thanks to two thicknesses of 20mm and 12mm, offers a creative use of the Uni Ice surface, which can also be used in the kitchen structure as a covering. It is perfect for kitchens with a classic design or for ultra-modern compositions and is available in a natural or polished finish.


The appeal of typical Italian marble veining in a warm white shade that softens the visual impact of these kitchen countertops and makes it even more elegant. It is ideal for creating fully covered islands and for large kitchens and combines harmoniously with enveloping, material, sandy colours and creates lovely contrasts with dark shades. It is available in a natural version for a more modern interpretation and in a polished finish for a more classic, elegant application.

Calacatta Statuario

Imposing, sculptural and vivid, the veining of the Calacatta Statuario countertop is original and distinctive, perfect for contemporary spaces. The base is pure white with veining in a cold shade, creating a fascinating interplay of designs. It is ideal for pairing with all-over colours from white to dark grey. It can polished or with a natural finish, interpreted in an elegant and striking way.

Calacatta Light

An almost optical white has silver veining for a striking graphic impact with a contemporary feel. Inspired by the finest Italian marbles, it reinterprets tradition in a modern key, thanks to the lightness of the veining that creates a balanced sense of elegance and refinement. The polished finish enhances its luminosity and purity.


Elegant, rich interplays of veining in different intensities weave together in unique and original marble patterns. With its ivory base and generous veining, Arabescato interprets the timeless, classic appeal of marble with style and verve. The shiny finish gives it an even more noble appearance, while the natural finish offers a rustic appeal, with contrasting effects and nuances.

Premium White

Essential, minimalist Premium White combines the purity of white with fine, elegant pale grey veining, for those who love the elegance of marble but want to blend design and modernity with tradition. The broad veining shows itself to the full in large slabs, used both as kitchen countertops and to cover peninsulas or sections of a kitchen. The shiny, polished finish enhances its timeless appeal even more.

Bianco Lasa

The pattern of Bianco Lasa is an immersion in design and an invitation to experiment with colour. The marble veining combines perfectly with a wide range of shades, from the warmest to the coldest. The essential nature of the pattern makes it ideal for open spaces that need to harmonise with the whole living space. The natural finish gives it a very modern look, while the polished version enhances and exalts the numerous shades of white.

Bright Onyx

A texture that reproduces pearlised onyx in various shades of white. The delicate shades give every slab a unique, original character, bringing brightness and personality to a kitchen with surfaces that have an ever-changing appearance. It can be used with tone on tone or contrasting décor, in a smooth or polished finish, according to the mood you want to create for your space.

Basalt Cream

The magic of lavic stone in a cream colour is enhanced by reflective glitter, miniscule pieces of quartz that produce a vibrant brilliance. The horizontal veining give character to Basalt Cream, enriching it with depth and creativity. With a natural finish, the lavic stone effect has a solid, textured appeal.

Rovere Buckskin

The pulsating beauty of wood and the enveloping strength of warm shades of oak are reinterpreted in this Sapienstone kitchen covering. Hard-wearing, flexible porcelain has a new appeal: as in a total immersion in nature, the oak effect with its veins, knots and patterns, brings personality and modernity to any kitchen design.

Urban Argento

Tactile, textured and extremely trendy when used as a kitchen countertop, the design of the Urban finish in a Silver colour brings a modern, industrial flavour to kitchens. Concrete combines perfectly with minimalist kitchen design and transforms any space into an original and personal one that is easy to live in and to make one's own. Light and dry to the touch, the concrete-effect kitchen countertop is a compromise between style and functionality, creativity and simplicity.

Light Earth

Like a rock in the desert, created by the sculptural power of the wind, Light Earth is a countertop created of sand in different shades. With a concrete-inspired design, its shades range from pale brown to beige and grey and fit harmoniously in any furnishing context. The composition of the colours and surfaces that recall natural stone are idea for open spaces where the kitchen merges with the living area.

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