Potato sorbet: original and delicious

2018-02-12 Potato sorbet is an unusual but extremely tasty dessert. It shows the versatility of a tuber that is not only easy to grow and store, but is full of vitamins and minerals (especially Vitamin C and potassium) and has a flavour that lends itself readily to every chef’s imagination. It is perfect for everything from starters to desserts.
Our recipe is very easy and takes twenty minutes to prepare, plus six hours chilling time for the sorbet.
Ingredients for four people:
• 500 g boiled potatoes (yellow, white or purple);
• 500 ml of water;
• 60 g dextrose;
• 250 g sugar;
• 10 g stabiliser.
• Mash the boiled potatoes. The sorbet will have a different colour and aroma depending on the type of potato used.
• Mix the sugar, dextrose and stabiliser in a bowl.
• Heat the water to 65°C in a pan and pour the mixture in, mixing thoroughly with a whisk. Add the potatoes and cool the mixture quickly to 4°C, by placing the pan in a bowl of ice and water.
• Let the sorbet rest at 4 °C for 6 hours and then freeze, mixing it in an ice cream maker until the mixture is fluffy and dry, not shiny (the time it takes depends on your ice cream maker).
• Serve the sorbet cold.
Serving suggestions
• Bancha tea, which is light and without much theine.
• A fragrant rosemary infusion.

Mariagrazia Villa

Recipe: Chef Mario Grazia.
Recipe source: Academia Barilla, Source: Academia Barilla (publisher), Potatoes. 50 Easy Recipes, White Star Editions, Novara, 2012.

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