SapienStone comes to Espacio Cocina on four wheels

2018-02-12 SapienStone, the Iris Ceramica Group’s new brand, doesn’t like to go unnoticed.
After attracting a lot of interest at LivingKitchen 2017, held during the important furniture and design fair IMM Cologne, last week our top-quality porcelain slabs became a top subject of conversation at Espacio Cocina-SICI, rolling up to the Spanish kitchen show on four wheels.
That’s right! SapienStone is such an advanced product that it gets around on its own. How? In a truck!
The brand set up a truck specifically for the purpose, containing two fully-functional kitchens: one featuring the Uni Ice countertop, and another with a Basalt Black countertop incorporating an exclusive TPB tech® integrated induction hob designed and developed in partnership with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® of Spain, which can be used to cook directly on the countertop with latest generation induction elements and touch controls.
During the fair, a chef put SapienStone countertops to the test with two “Top of Italy” showcooking events. A really special occasion for trade fair visitors, who were able to experience both Italy’s amazing cuisine and the outstanding quality of SapienStone porcelain, a product made entirely in Italy, from concept to production, meeting the strictest international standards for strength, hygiene and durability.
SapienStone countertops, which are solid coloured with through veins passing through their entire thickness, faithfully reproduce the visual and tactile qualities of natural materials. This is made possible by thorough aesthetic and technological research, drawing on the expertise of a world leader in the production of ceramic surfaces.
And at Espacio Cocina, Xey, a leader in the kitchen industry with more than forty years of history behind it, has incorporated innovative SapienStone countertops into its kitchens.
Where will the SapienStone truck go after Valencia? Find out in our next post.

Mariagrazia Villa

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