SapienStone, the knowledgeable stone for the kitchen

2018-02-12 Housewives need be desperate no longer. Designers need not be impossible to satisfy. Couples will find the perfect corner for dinner for two, while singles can start the evening off right. And anyone can make it the focus of a memorable party. SapienStone is here, the holding company Iris Ceramica Group SpA’s new brand.
Designed and conceived in response to the specific needs of people who use the kitchen every day in their homes and businesses, SapienStone porcelain slabs, launched at Bologna Design Week 2016, make beautiful, functional worktops.
Thanks to a partnership with the Spanish company TBP Top Porzelanik Barcelona®, SapienStone becomes a TPB tech® worktop with induction burners built right into the worktop. Latest generation induction elements and touch controls magically transform the work surface into a cooking area.
SapienStone meets the strictest requirements for strength, hygiene and durability, guaranteeing high performance and making the most popular room in the home easy to enjoy.
 Non-absorbent, resistant to high temperatures and to frost, to shocks, scratches, abrasion, acidic substances and corrosive agents, the new kitchen worktop combines essential technical features with a lightweight, hygienic surface that is easy to install and maintain.
Also suitable for outdoor use, SapienStone does not suffer from sunlight or weather and can be used to make customised open air kitchens and barbecues.
 When it is no longer needed, the stone is still useful: it can be recycled, revealing its ecological nature and low impact. These big slabs of porcelain, measuring 320 by 150 centimetres, only 12 or 20 millimetres thick, cover the kitchen with a complete range of textures and finishes (natural, glossy, semi-gloss). They provide a furnishing complement to suit a great variety of styles, from the most classic to the contemporary.
Basalt Black, Basalt Cream, Urban Antracite, Urban Argento, Uni Ice, Malm Black, Malm Grey, Bianco Lasa, Calacatta Statuario and Calacatta: these are the ten available textures impeccably reinterpreting precious marbles, cements and natural stones.
Made of solid-coloured porcelain with veins running right through it, SapienStone worktops offer unique aesthetic quality, reproducing the veins on the surface right through the body of the slab for a particularly realistic look which lasts over time. Not just good food, but a worktop which is beautiful and knowledgeable to nourish the soul.

Mariagrazia Villa

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