On the road in Europe with SapienStone

2018-02-12 There’s a European tour coming up for SapienStone, the Iris Ceramica Group’s new brand. As well as a truck, two kitchens, and a chef.
Our top quality porcelain slabs do things in style. And with plenty of originality. Maybe because they’ve been innovative right from the start!
The European tour will take place with the SapienStone truck, specially set up for the brand with two fully functional kitchens and an on-board chef.
Inaugurated on February 6 in Castellarano, Reggio Emilia, where the brand’s Italian headquarters are located, the truck participated in Espacio Cocina-SICI in Valencia February 20 through 24. This was the first leg on a voyage around Spain in the months to come, stopping in Novelda, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao: an exciting and unusual adventure that will then continue in other countries in Europe, including Italy, Germany, France and Austria.
Any voyage is an opportunity for travellers to collect inspiration and information on places and ways of life they know little about. And the same will be the case for the SapienStone truck: it will collect information on everything that has to do with the kitchen, seeking to find out how Europeans experience what Italians consider the most important room in the home for socialising and presenting outstanding new finds discovered along the way.
The truck will be more than just a privileged showcase for getting to know the qualities of Italian design and put them to the test in the kitchen, and an opportunity to discover the wine and food of other countries, but also an opportunity to collect and offer design, architecture, lifestyle and fashion tips. The travel log of this original travelling showroom will be published on a special page on the SapienStone web site, where you can keep up to date on where the truck is, read news and view photos and videos.
The initiative, part of a wider-ranging publicity project entitled #AroundTheTop, is inspired by the question: what is the top in the kitchen? Where top has two meanings, of course, both the SapienStone kitchen countertop and its more general meaning of excellence.
So what would you say if the truck came to your house and asked you what’s the top in the kitchen?

Mariagrazia Villa

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