SapienStone goes international: KBIS 2017 and LivingKitchen 2017

2018-02-12 SapienStone, the new Iris Ceramica Group brand combining beauty and intelligence in a single product, has been attracting a lot of attention lately.
The top-quality porcelain surfaces have recently been presented at two important international events. At KBIS 2017, an event that has been held in Orlando, Florida by the National Kitchen and Bath Association for more than fifty years to present new products, technologies and trends for kitchens and bathrooms; and at LivingKitchen 2017, the fourth edition of an important furniture and design event held at IMM Cologne. On this occasion, two show cooking events held at the stand offered visitors an opportunity to sample a number of Italian gastronomic treats.
The GranitiFiandre’s researchers have developed a product offering outstanding performance with important aesthetic qualities. Large but thin slabs of SapienStone can meet all architects’ requirements. They are ideal for an infinite range of different interpretations in furniture, kitchen countertops, barbecues, tables, cabinets and shelving units.
SapienStone is not just a long-lasting material resistant to the kinds of damage and wear that usually affect surface coverings; ACTIVE Photocatalytic CeramicTM allows SapienStone to act as an eco-active material for fighting pollution both indoors and outdoors.
Designed to meet the needs of people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day, at home or at work, the product can be made even more innovative. The Spanish company TBP Top Porzelanik Barcelona® has integrated new generation induction elements and touch controls into the surface, transforming the kitchen countertop into a cooking appliance permitting great formal purity in kitchen design.
But that’s not all: the slabs, available in ten different textures with colours and veins running right through them, are beautiful too! A sneak preview of the new Earthlike collection was presented at LivingKitchen, further expanding the range for the European market with four more colours - Light Earth, Grey Earth, Sand Earth, Brown Earth – and material textures which add depth and softness to the surface. Because innovation can be beautiful as well as useful !

Mariagrazia Villa

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