All the elegance of grey in the kitchen


In contemporary interior design, grey - in all its many shades - is undoubtedly one of the most popular colours. The result of mixing black and white, it is a colour that has been much maligned in the past, garnering few fans as it was considered impersonal and even depressing. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly trendy, becoming the go-to option for more and more spaces in both homes and public areas.

A new lease of life that is also the result of its impressive versatility. As it is a neutral colour, but one that is available in countless shades, it is an excellent base for use in combination with other colours. It also has the virtue of being wonderfully adaptable to a variety of different furnishing styles, lending a touch of sophistication and elegance to interior design projects.

Grey can prove to be an excellent option for the kitchen, too, as it decorates with elegance without ever coming across as excessive. Paired with whites or beiges, it creates a Nordic style; with blues, it makes for a classically elegant look; whilst with terracotta tones, it warms the space and creates a concrete and safe environment. You can even pair it with pink for an unusual yet lively feel!

The SapienStone collection includes kitchen countertops in various shades of grey. These are inspired by natural elements such as stone, or more metropolitan materials such as concrete, providing a range of different ideas for furnishing your space.

The aesthetic is a faithful reproduction of the characteristics of the original material, but even more impressively, it is paired with technical characteristics that make these porcelain countertops essential allies. They are durable and very easy to clean: two essential advantages in the kitchen.

Urban Argento

One of the lightest greys in the SapienStone range, it features a texture reminiscent of concrete and is the perfect partner for white kitchens. However, as it is a fairly neutral colour, it is equally combinable with darker base and wall units.

Malm Grey

SapienStone’s Malm Grey countertop is inspired by the shine of metal and is the ideal complement for kitchens with metal inserts, as these details echo the nature of the surface and give the room a highly contemporary overall look. Available in a natural or semi-polished finish for different effects.

Light Earth

A countertop that is reminiscent of the bare stone and essentiality of the lands of the North. Pair it with wood and light colours to create rooms with a Nordic feel, even within open-plan spaces which run seamlessly into the lounge area.

When combined with blue, meanwhile, it makes for a kitchen with a classic and refined elegance which plays with chiaroscuro effects, wherein each colour enhances the other.


Grey Earth

The darkest shade of grey in the Earth collection is the result of a blend between ‘pietra serena’ - grey sandstone - and concrete. A kitchen countertop with a timeless elegance, it has a lightly textured surface with the tactile sensation of a natural material.


Perfect with wood, Grey Earth allows you to play with a selection of shades, even opting for unusual colour pairings such as pink, chosen by Lidia Forlivesi for her staging kitchen.


Pietra Grey

A dark grey background with very fine white veining makes for a worktop with a strikingly dramatic effect. Pietra Grey is most certainly an excellent option for anybody looking to create a kitchen island that will not go unnoticed. Complemented by dark grey or black cabinets, this porcelain countertop lends the kitchen an air of modern luxury without ever being excessive.


One of the latest kitchen countertops from SapienStone. Inspired by Piasentina stone, which is highly prized in architecture, it is now available in the form of a durable, high-performance porcelain kitchen worktop. A beautiful pairing for wood, this dark grey countertop furrowed with light veins stands out even more with light colours.

Palladium Grey

A background that once again echoes the appearance of stone is adorned with veining and crystallisation, interspersed with lighter wisps of cloud that bestow a sense of dynamism to a countertop of incredible beauty. When paired with black, Palladium Grey is an elegant choice that makes the kitchen the centre of attention.


Fior di Bosco

One of SapienStone’s most beautiful kitchen countertops, Fior di Bosco reproduces the famous Italian marble and makes for truly dramatic kitchen islands and surfaces. The clouding effect featured on the surface lends movement to the texture, making for quite the hypnotic spectacle. Two finishes have been designed: Silky, with a velvety surface, or Polished, which is glossy and reflective, allowing you to customise the worksurface to meet your needs.

The possibilities offered by grey and SapienStone with its countertops are many and varied, and the result is always elegant. On the website, you can view all the textures available, and you can use the 3D configurator to visualise how they might look in your kitchen at home:

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