SapienStone’s Rovere Baio wood effect countertop warms up a kitchen in Madrid


Interior design studio Javier Manso Interiorismo chooses the SapienStone Rovere Baio countertop to add personality to the kitchen of a newly built home in Madrid. 

The wood effect of the surface adds warmth to slate grey kitchen cabinets in line with the latest design trends. The home has plenty of light, permitting experimentation with dark colours to give the kitchen a metropolitan flair, toned down by the oak effect of the kitchen countertop. The kitchen is completed with a breakfast counter covered with the same surface as the countertop, establishing dialogue between the two items of furniture. 

SapienStone’s Rovere Baio countertop offers the texture and look of wood with all the strength, durability and easy cleaning of porcelain.

We talked to interior designers Javier Manso and Scarleth Martínez of Javier Manso Interiorismo about their project, why they chose the SapienStone countertop and what they see as the top in the kitchen.

Javier, Scarleth, would you mind telling us how you came up with this kitchen design?

The customer contacted us after buying the home, which is located in a new building: a magnificent property with incredible views and large rooms which, however, had only a basic kitchen which was not particularly attractive, though it had lots of potential.



Why did you choose dark colours for the kitchen? Is that what the customer wanted?

First of all, we wanted to use unusual textures and finishes, and slate had all the character and elegance we were looking for. And as the house is brightly lit, with plenty of open spaces, we could afford to use darker hues. The customer had no hesitations.


What is the most interesting trend of 2020 in the kitchen?

There is, of course, no single overriding trend, but black kitchens are finally coming into their own this year. With wood effect countertops and raw, natural finishes, in a combination that is sure to be a one hundred percent success. Giving the kitchen furnishings a decorative and aesthetic character, integrating them with the furnishings in the rest of the home, and making sure they are more than just a kitchen are other factors we are seeing in the majority of interior design projects today.



What do you like best about the SapienStone Rovere Baio countertop in the natural finish?

When we needed to integrate the kitchen into the living and dining room, we chose the SapienStone Rovere Baio countertop because of the warm look of the wood. We had seen many other wood effect porcelain surfaces, but the texture, tone and magnificent finish of the SapienStone material were unmatched.


What is the one thing you absolutely require in a kitchen countertop?

In our studio, we consider a number of elements indispensable in a kitchen countertop:

- It must be non-absorbent. This is very important for hygiene and durability.

- Resistance. It must not get scratched or burnt; it is important not to have to worry about your kitchen countertop when you’re cooking, so you can concentrate on the food!

- Thickness. The thickness of SapienStone countertops is magnificent, both for the way it looks and for its weight during cutting and handling.

- Large slab size. We always want an uninterrupted surface!



What’s the top in the kitchen? In other words, "What’s the most important thing for you in the kitchen?"

The kitchen is a very important part of the home. We go there two or three times a day to prepare meals, and, if the kitchen is big enough, we consume our meals there, too. And, in view of the situation we have all experienced as a result of Covid, the kitchen has now become a home office for many people, as well. So the most important thing in a kitchen is space, having enough space to move around, store things, and work. Even in a small kitchen, design and the ability to enjoy space are essential factors in relation to its purpose and functioning.

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