Porcelain for practical, resistant outdoor kitchens


Outdoor cooking is a must in summer. Once the long, sunny days are here, we all enjoy cooking outdoors and gathering around the table with family and friends. 

Furnishing a corner of the garden, veranda or terrace with a beautiful outdoor kitchen offers an alternative to improvising a do-it-yourself barbecue, a design solution that adds value to the home’s outdoor spaces. 

Cooking outdoors does not necessarily require a lot of space. A lot can be done with a little, if you know how! There are just a few essential elements to keep in mind to come up with a solution that is practical and allows you to cook outside without having to keep running back to the kitchen inside the house.

A resistant countertop on which to prepare food, a few cooking elements or a grill, a sink and some cabinets for putting away implements and ingredients are the essential elements of an outdoor kitchen. If you’re lucky, you may have room for a refrigerator, or a fireplace to give you some extra options.

The decision to install a mobile or fixed kitchen depends on your requirements, but the most important thing is the choice of materials. Outdoor kitchens are often exposed to the elements, and so, in addition to a roof to shelter them, it’s essential to choose materials resistant to atmospheric agents.



Benefits of porcelain outdoors

Porcelain offers three very important benefits: beauty, strength and easy cleaning, making it one of the most practical materials for outdoor use.



Unlike steel or masonry kitchens, porcelain comes in a great variety of different colours and surface effects, permitting customisation and harmonisation with the space around it and giving free rein to the imagination. 
SapienStone porcelain surfaces are available in 29 colours and can give the kitchen the look of a great variety of materials, such as stone, concrete, wood or marble. 
The brand has a truly innovative ability to reproduce the materials inspiring it down to the tiniest details, such as through veins and full-body colouring. 
The 320x150 cm format is perfect for covering large surfaces with a single uninterrupted slab, offering the possibility of creating kitchen worktops as well as covering islands or barbecue areas.




Porcelain offers not only beauty but outstanding technical properties, as an extremely resistant material that does not suffer wear but remains unaltered over the years. 
SapienStone porcelain countertops can withstand any kind of stress, temperature excursions, chemical products and acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon without problems, and is even scratch-proof so you can cut up food directly on its surface, with no need for a cutting board. It is not damaged by the sun’s rays, will not fade or change colour, and can withstand extreme temperatures in both summer and winter: all crucial qualities in an outdoor kitchen. 



Porcelain is also a very hygienic material which will not absorb liquids and can be used in direct contact with food. Its surface does not need special cleaning; a little soap and water are sufficient to make it look new again. SapienStone surfaces are very easy to clean and are made without any varnished or coloured resins to protect human health. 



All these benefits make porcelain one of the most high-performing materials for use as worktops or covering for barbecue areas in outdoor kitchens. Its practicality makes cooking outdoors a practical, fun experience to enjoy in company.


Florian, Big Meatlove blogger and barbecue fan, knows this, and chose a SapienStone Malm Black countertop for his new outdoor kitchen. You’ll find an interview with him here

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